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Come here and play puzzle games which have sinfully sweet challenges and build & design a village of shops, each specializing in a different decadent dessert category. There are match 3 puzzles which will let you create your cafes. It could be an ice cream shop or even some kind of a bakery with fresh pastries, from chocolate confections to specialty coffee drinks. Each shop should be designed and built by you very well. Prepare and offer an array of delicious indulgences to your friends, your customers, everyone interested. Every match 3 game you win will be helpful. You will be able to design home decor details for the kitchens, seating and outdoor areas of each cafe & each shop. Let’s see the detailed Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games game review down below.

Gameplay and features

In these cooking puzzle games, you can choose the product items you want to make, build your unique menus. Also, you are able to offer special events to your customers while playing matching games. You are the great cooking chef which means that you will tend to the surrounding land while planting and harvesting fruits and herbs for all your recipes.

Create and at the same time – improve your shops. There also are some animals living in the town and the animals will help you. Each animal has a unique talent but a shared love of all things sweet and sugary. One of the animals is called JOY, he is a lovable rabbit and your very dedicated and loyal assistant. An ever-growing crew of fun and hilarious animals are there to support you all the time. While matching games let you build your shops, watch out for the Health & Safety Inspector. He is always out to bring them down, be careful!

Features – more detailed

More about matching games: Puzzle games which have dessert theme, featuring unique boosters. You will see a bunch of exploding combinations. Match 3 means to swap and match pieces to build each cafe you want to build and make it be successfull.

Process of building your impressive bakery: the first task is to build a virtual village with a lot of cafes and shops dedicated to the most delicious desserts that the world has ever seen. Be the best architect and designer at the same time and build & decorate your shops and cafes as the true boss! After finishing all of this, choose what desserts you want to prepare and offer to your costumers, friends, and everyone interested in the good taste. You are constantly able to build new dessert shops through the gameplay, also to redesign existing ones if you think it is needed. Tend to the land while planting and harvesting fruits and wonderful herbs for your unique recipes which give the best products ever.

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More about animal story kind of games here: what is more beautiful than bake with a crew of lovable animals as your loyal teammates. Each animal has its own unique talent and passion for desserts. They want you to succeed as you do, animals are your best friends who will never betray you! Rise with them all to the challenge of the kooky Health and Safety Inspector. He always comes at you with his ridiculous list of demands. Play it smart and as a team with a group of animals to show him that nothing and no one can defeat you!

Check out the gameplay trailer video here to have your very best first impressions:

This is the best way to check out the graphics, too. Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games is free to download and play, but some in-game items can be purchased to help you boost your gameplay. If you don’t want to use this option, no problem. Just simply turn this option off in your device’s Restrictions menu. Yes, it is always important for developers to develop the game to satisfy all systems – it is available for both iOS and Android!

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