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Hey, you! Yes, we know what you are looking for at tme moment: the best new game to have fun with on your iPhone or Android. Spending your time with an amazing adventure in your hands and right in front of your eyes can be really amazing if you truly find the best game at the actual moment. Not something old, or something usual – here is the best suggestion that the whole internet can give to you today and it is the game app called “Super Starfish”.

An awesome fact is also that the game is available for both: iOS and Android system… and yes, it got 4.8 rating stars, almost reached all of the maximum 5, people really love this game. Well, maybe yours and all subsequent votes can manage to bring it to the full 5 stars when you try it finally. So, let’s strart with the game review below.

The gameplay & features of Super Starfish game

Who is the main hero of this fantastic game? Well, it’s a little cute fish – Super Starfish! Yes, I say sweet, I mean, just look at those big, beautiful eyes of this miniature virtual creature. Talking about the actual gameplay, you will be swimming through the swirling cosmos as an interstellar cutie named Starfish. Bring life to your space aquarium! You can do this by dodging meteors, black holes, quasars and a lot more things.

This cute fishie has some cutting-edge techniques that can not be seen in any of the other mobile games, trust us. You will be totally amazed by its unique and so original visual effects! It will totally blow your mind, gamer… and mesmerized by swirling ripples of colour as your Starfish soars across this beautiful unrealistic, sci-fi looking galaxy. Regarding specific movements and trends, mostly pay attention to the left-right movement of your fish. See the game trailer below:

And here is an interesting update you should know about:

You are able to collect exotic flora & also to customise your very own space aquarium. Watch your Starplants grow as you create a home for your wondrous collection of Starfish. The game is quite simple, suitable for every age. Cross the levels, discover new fantastic zones, develop your unique swimming style and win some huge combos! And one more amazing fact: you can compete with your friends and share your discoveries with them all!

But, if you have already watched this video then go directly to Super Starfish Hack.

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