Sky Champ Monster Attack (Galaxy Space Shooter) Game Review

Looking for a new game to play? We give you an awesome suggestion here – the game called Sky Champ Monster Attack. Sky Champ Monster Attack is so amazing – this game is the one for true fans of classic arcade shooting games (also known as shoot ’em up / SHMUP / bullet hell / galaxy shooters / space shooters / or shorter said STG). The game we talk about is a retro arcade shooter made by Spirit Bomb, actually an indie game developer that produces many award-winning classic space shooters and arcade bullet hell shooters. We give you the full game review down below.

GAME REVIEW: Gameplay & Features

With Sky Champ: Monster Attack (Galaxy Space Shooter), Spirit Bomb has brought some new innovations to the galaxy shooter genre. Here and now, retro space shooter gameplay is totaly combined with monster-collecting & also the RPG elements. What are you doing in this game and how your stuff and gear looks like? You will find yourself riding an super cool monster. Save the world from evil invaders. Have such a remarkable experience that can’t be found in usual space shooter nor plane shooter games, for sure. This is something new, something unique and never seen before. You should definitely try it!

Lifeless planes and space-ships are so boring, right?! Well, now you can forget about this mess! You will fall in love with these cute monsters soaring wings in the seven skies. The game can be played offline, which is one more thig about it that is great. Sure, this is the best game you can have on your smartphone when we talk about this topic and the shooter kind of games.

Galaxy Space Shooter Modes

You can play its single-player Adventure Mode with 100 levels. Endless mode is the mode where new flight is always unique. There are over 100 flying monster pets and you need to collect them all, their attacks are so powerful. Monster evolution: monsters can be transformed, unlock their new abilities and exceed level limits every single day. Also, over 100 equipment stuff to collect. Awesome Power-Ups such as thunder strike missile, falcon blast, phoenix revive, lightning strike and more & more. Sky Champ Monster Attack (Galaxy Space Shooter) can be played online and also offline anytime without wifi.

Must admit it that the game is pretty easy to learn to play but also so hard if you want to master it, as it is the case with almost all of the games. Spacecrafts, airplanes, planes and asteroids or maybe alien invaders? If you think you have seen everything with space shooters and plane shooters, you are so wrong, just think again and you will see and be reassured!

This is all from us today about Sky Champ Monster Attack (Galaxy Space Shooter) game review. Stay with us & stay tuned and you will be informed about the latest gaming & tech news. Bye!


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