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Wanna play an amazing game? Well, you should try this one! It is 4.6 stars rated on Google Play Store and App Store, people really love to play this game! And such an important fact is that you can play it 100% free, no need to waste a coin of your money! Here, we are introducing you RAID – Shadow Legends game review and you will get to know everything you need to about this fantastic world. Now, let’s start with the game review below, 3,2,1… GO!

Hello there, gamer, battle your way here! Go through a visually-stunning realistic fantasy RPG with hundreds of Champions from 16 playable factions. You must save the world of Teleria, so you will recruit its most legendary warriors from the forces of the brightest Light and also the darkest Darkness. Train them to fight together as an incredible dream-team, transform them into a living weapons, and assemble the greatest raiding party ever seen in a gaming world! Join this epic fight – download the game now, don’t waste a second more in waiting! It’s worth it, trust us! You might become the new undefeatable master of this game, cause you never know what the future has prepared for you.

Features & gameplay description

Join the game and collect the most powerful and the strongest champions, there are hundreds of warriors from 16 factions. Assemble balanced teams of your Sorcerers, Skinwalkers, Undead, Knights, Elves, and more to defeat your enemies – then recruit them all to be on your side! Guess what? The really great fact is that there are such an epic boss battles in the game! Try to win dozens of challenging bosses for loot, XP, and special Champion drops! Want some more cool gear? Fight again and again in those boss battles and keep on fighting & winning ’em all!

Now, talking about the PVP arena, head yourself with other players to unlock some special gear and climb the rankings in intense arena battles. Two teams go in, but only one team is the one to come out as an incredible and undisputable winner of the game. Visual stuff, well, there are beauty fully-rendered 3D stunning details in this game. You won’t be disappointed with its graphics and 3d art & designs. Thousands of unique skill and attack animations are there to surprise you and your eyes.

Upgrade your own fortress. Manage Shards and train the strongest Champions. After their trainings, they need to be prepared for a lot of arena battles, dungeon runs & story campaigns. You need a strategy, clever mind and good plans, along with the naturally good skill of the game. Do not let anyone be better than you! It was our gameplay review of RAID Shadow Legends. In the coming period you can expect to see many more articles dedicated to similar topics here. Gaming & tech is our world – and you are welcome to get to know our world. Check us our from time to time. We are at your service – non stop. Stay tuned, bye!


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