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Greeting! Do you want a new game for your mobile device that will entertain you and fulfill your free time with an exciting & epic adventure? Well, just such a new game will be proposed to you now! This game guarantees an interesting time and development of your gaming skills. Well, here’s the name of this fantastic game: Prince of Persia : Escape. Here, we will give you the best existing game review of Prince of Persia : Escape at the moment.

The game review – detailed

You can download this game completely and 100% FREE from Google Play Store and make yourself having a great daily adventures! People loved this game so the average result from their voting is 4.4 stars (Google Play Store information). Also, you can download it if you have an iPhone, too (available for iOS). Check out the “PRINCE OF PERSIA ESCAPE – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 iOS / Android – Level 1 – 20” video below:


It can be pretty helpful and useful for any beginner, trust us. You sould know that quick hand reflex, jumps and every similar move will help you a lot with passing the levels easier  in this adventure. Practice brings everything when combined with the will.

Have you ever, in your life, dreamed to relive the legendary classic on your little mobile device? Well that time has finally come to you, gamer! This game, named: Prince of Persia: Escape, is an official mobile game that is based on an old classic game, I bet you remember the legendary “Prince of Persia” PC game. All you need to do if you want to success is the following: fast running, high jumping and making sure to avoid the spikes, remember that!

The game is as challenging as it’s base (the classic Prince of Persia that we have already mentioned up there). So, you are warned of the challenge! As much as you are good at games in general, believe me, you have not seen this before. And yeah, you must learn the patterns and after that to come up with the moves and proper timing to pass everything in the game. You are the legendary prince of Persia, so, remember that you can overcome every evil that comes to stand on your way! Enjoy tons of original and unique levels! There is a retro side-scroller arcade in on your pocket!

We hope that our game review article was useful and interesting. Also, we hope you decided to play this game just for our sake and that we proposed to you the right thing here, cuz that is what we do here (our real purpose). In the following period, as we did before, we will try to provide you with the right and most useful informations from the world of gaming, latest game updates and tech. Now, we can wish you a lot of luck to become the master of the ,, Prince of Persia : Escape” and pass all the levels and challenges. This is it for today, our new champion prince, stay informed – stay with us! Bye!


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