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About NBA 2k20 VC Glitch, Game, etc.| Editor's Choice

Being the twenty first installment in the franchise that dominates the basketball simulation field for quite some time now, we have no doubt that NBA 2K20 will deliver when it comes to the actual basketball gameplay, immersivity and overall fun. The only question we have in mind is whether or not the morally questionable and extremely annoying microtransaction system will remain in the game, or more realistically, to which degree will it be present? Just a reminder, Virtual Currency or VC is the backbone of all transactions within the game. It is used for buying all cosmetic accecories, but it also influences gameplay very much through the leveling system in which it's incorporated, and other less permanent upgrades like buying gatorade to increase your capabilities. There are two ways to earn VC; first one is obvious, to pay for it with real life cash, the second one is to earn it by playing the game, but that one is not so subtly sabotaged by the sheer difficulty and dullnes of the tasks at hand. Judging by its predecessors, 2K20 will most likely try to milk all of that hard earned free VC you got endlessly grinding with your character on every step of the way, through all of the cosmetic stuff, locker codes and other „surprise“ mechanics. Since most players don't want to spend their hours shooting hoops for small amount of free VC, or pay more money for something that should have been covered with the original game price, answer to all prayers comes in form of exploits, something along the lines of VC glitches or free locker codes provided by true „knights in shining armor“.

What is VC Glitch and what is it used for?

Now before we go any further, we'll try to explain what exactly is a VC glitch. VC glitch refers to a way to earn huge amounts of free VC by doing a certain set of actions in a particular order, often repeating them for a more significant effect. Basicaly it means cheating, or more politely put „outsmarting“ the system the developers created by doing something they did not predict, which in the end results in earning massive amounts of currency for a short period of time. After all, nobody is to blame but the developers for creating a system that makes it's users want to cheat on it.

A few words about NBA 2k20 Locker Codes

As for the locker codes, they can be won only externally and not through the gameplay, but serve as a help in obtaining various player cards through a minigame which determines the outcome. This way you can win different items and players for your dreamteam, as well as different amounts of free VC. Locker codes are ussually obtained by paying for them, but 2K games studio tried to make things a bit more interesting by organizing giveaways in which free locker codes were given to the lucky gamers. Still, most of the free locker codes end up on the internet thanks to the guys that want to share them, but bear in mind that they are usually time restricted and won't work after expiration.

This pretty much explains mechanics behind the VC glitch and free locker codes, so we hope that this article could make your NBA 2K20 experience that much better. Enjoy!