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NBA 2K20 is among the fan-favorite titles that are surrounded by leaks, speculations, and rumors. With NBA agency signing officially on July 6, 2019, the game developer 2K, released the screen short of the game and a first-ever trailer. With this release, what seemed speculations finally was confirmed. They include the new cover of the game, features and the gameplay changes.

This article is a compressive evaluation of NBA 2k20 game features and mode. If you are a fun of video PC game, take your time and get to learn a thing or two from this fantastic basketball video game.

Features of NBA 2k20

•    Changes in ball dribbling

The NBA 2k20 made its promise after the release of the NBA 2k19 that on its k20 game, there will be an improvement on the physics system of the game. As a result of this promise, several areas have improved and refined. These include features such as ball handling and dribbling. These features are even on quick improvement on the upcoming games as by the promise of AI awareness. 

Ball dribbling in NBA 2k20 is less chunky, and the player has more fluid as well as a real experience. Apart from the improvement in graphics, the developer of the game made a significant improvement in in-game animations. The animations in the game are more varied, smoother, and quite realistic.

•    WNBA

NBA 2k20 has the WNBA, which is a single-mode feature. That is in line with the prediction of most PC video gamers who have predicted the NBA might be forced to try new mode so to bring more fun in the game.

•    Push Calls

The act of pushing in NBA 2k20 game no longer returns to back. This not only makes players happy when gaming but does little affect the gameplay. Of course, a slew of features will be released in the future, but this is the first few known today.

•    Ads

Before the release of k20, players were looking forward to the removal of unescapable advertisements that used to pop up during gaming. This feature has been addressed positively, and it’s no longer thorny.

Modes of NBA 2k20

The gameplay mechanics

Animations: The pushing button is no longer available as per 4/26/019 release. Secondly, as per the announcement of 5/1/2019, a new dunks Mo- capped is incorporated in the game.

Physics: The game has an incorporation of 2k Devs which work on ball tangibility making the ball handler much aware of inverse kinematics. That is according to the release of 3/12/2019.  

Offenses: A player in the game can shooting (TBA), dunk/layups, and dribble as per the 5/1/2019 release.

Defense: Players can now block an opponent (TBA) and steal the ball (TBA).

Other mode features are chances of a player rebounding, miscellaneous and the game plan. 

NBA 2k20 comparison with NBA 2k19

The NBA 2k19 is an excellent title coming with superb gameplays that are basic as well as a robust set for both online and offline modes. These modes have improved in the k20 game.

NBA 2k19 featured several dosages of simulation of basketball style with overwhelming shooting, passing techniques, and dribbling. The l20 game gives a nod of perfect GM Mode as well as online features. 

Unlike the NBA 2K19 which did not have the team building, the k20 has teamwork called MyTeam, which can collect favorite players and play with a single mission of winning.

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NBA 2k20 is selling more adequately in an offline basketball video game. If you are a fan of this game, feel free to share your experience with us at any time about the game. We strive to make the fun of video gaming inclusive and fun to all.


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