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3 Adventures rolled into one.

For those who have never heard of Metal Gear Solid, I’d like to know how is that possible? Metal Gear Solid is a franchise that has been around since the 80’s, and it’s produced by Kojima, and the director behind this work of art is Hideo Kojima. If you like sneaking around and deep plots and multiple difficulties for added fun as well as boss battles that blow your mind and a one-man army playable character then you’re in for a treat.

It doesn’t matter which order you play these in but if you want to do it according to the history of the epic story then play Snake Eater first. This follows Naked Snake who later becomes known as Big Boss, that’s the character from Ground Zeros and MGS5 The Phantom Pain. It’s nice to play as his character and to sneak around the jungle, but it’s not just sneaking you’ll be doing in this one.

Though it’s possible to speed run this game in over an hour, if you are new or not to the franchise in this epic story and mission, you’ll be able to eat the local wildlife. That’s correct. Snakes, mushrooms, frogs, birds, fruit, etc., it’s all here, and food can spoil which is terrible for you if you decide to eat it. You have a stamina bar which gradually drains over time, so you’ll get hungry, and your aim will be off, and your stomach grumbles at you.

So this is a true survival mission, and it’s incredible. For those who have never experienced Metal Gear, you should know that there are some cutscenes that last a while, same goes for MGS2, I think one lasted about 40 minutes. Don’t throw your game out the window yet, the cutscenes are long, but they’re a part of the story, and you’ll learn lots about the characters and environment too. They look stunning, and it gives you a short or a long break so you can grab a drink and rest those fingers. When you buy any Metal Gear game, you can be sure of a deep storyline that’s so complex you may need to google some of it.

Apart from the two modern adventures if you look closely, you’ll see a game called Metal Gear, this is the first of all the games that were made, and it’s tougher than old leather boots. It’s worth trying even if you decide not to play it again, try it once or twice. You’ll also have a bunch of VR games to play too, not the ones you’re thinking of so don’t get that Oculus Rift out.



There’s so much here to see and do that’ll be busy for days or even weeks if you’re struggling or if you’re an achievement hunter.

It’s a great price for three games.

The story is deep, and it’ll keep you on your toes as you learn more about each character and maybe some hidden agendas too.

They’re all challenging.



The cutscenes can be long in parts.



I’m a fan of the franchise, and I’ve been playing them since Metal Gear Solid was released on Playstation back in the 90’s so this was a welcome return for me. I wouldn’t change anything about any of these games, the cutscenes may be long in parts, but that’s part of the game, and you’re learning as you go about everything, and if they were gone then it would lose some of the magic that makes these games so unique.

9/10 only because of some cutscenes


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