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Are you looking for a new interesting game that will give you complete free time and entertain your imagination? Do you want to spend your free time on something brand new, original and challenging? Well, you’re lucky! We found the right game for you! It’s a game known by name: Max – The Curse of Brotherhood. You can download (location: App Store) and install  it but only with iOS if you have it. We guarantee that this game will fulfill all your expectations and cravings for a new party, let’s give you a detailed game review below.


Game review

Max – The Curse of Brotherhood is an amazing cinematic adventure kind of game which is filled with an awesome action-packed platforming. You have to flex your own brain because you need to solve those puzzles that take up many places in the game. Think fast and effectively, be the best in this. Action game? You probably assume you own some weapons through it. Well, in a way, this is a good assumption. Although the weapon is not anything classical – you’re only armed with a Magical Marker, our creative gamer.

Let’s Clarify;

You are Max in this game, which contains his name in the title certainly. Let’s clarify the second part of the title, too. The second part (,,The Curse of Brotherhood” part) refers to that Max must confront evil at every turn in a hostile and fantastical world in order to save his little-kid brother. His brothers name is Felix. What exactly does your weapon or magic marker do? You have the power to bend the objects, to create unique magical items and similar things. All of this will help you (Max) succeed in the mission and save the kid (his bro).

Here is something that we think you will find useful:

It’s ,, Max The Curse of Brotherhood Full Gameplay Walkthrough “ (video in 1080p). Enjoy!


We should also mention here this important information – Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is the sequel to one amazing award-winning game called Max and the Magic Marker. They really do go with all Max games. People like them and they are pretty fine rated at the App Store. More details about the features: you will be jumping, climbing and also swinging through the Anotherworld in a tightly tuned platformer, shaping the elements as great as you can with your magic marker and more.



Such a stunningly beautiful world is waiting for you to explore it. Handcrafted levels can’t wait to be succedded – so hurry up and join this beautiful adventure today! We hope that our article was useful to you & helped you to find some kind of new entertainment, our dear gamer. Stay with us and we will keep you informed about each new update, new level or anything that come up in the future. Also, we will tell you if we find some similar game to this one. Have a wonderful day, have fun!


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