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Dive into your favorite Kim Kardashian Hollywood game

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a free Android game which is also available on iOS and enables you to be a Hollywood star and feel all the limelight like real. Basically, the game is all about playing dress up, earning bucks and defeating your competitor actors/models in California or you could say it is a depiction of all that which is faulty with our society by one way or another and illustrates the end of real gaming. As the game starts, pretty obviously Kim Kardashian is all its about and appears right at the beginning. Initially, the goal is to opt for a certain avatar with other personalized options like eye, hair, outfit and more.

Once you have decided all of it, the Hollywood fantasy kicks off by putting you as an employee in a downtown L.A based fashion boutique. The journey starts right from there and whether Kim Kardashian is arranging up a date or helps you to figure out next modeling job, the gameplay is thoroughly straightforward. You would be offered with numerous available actions on the screen each time including makeup, date, flirt and more to take you level by level.

As you complete given actions, the energy bar which depicts the capacity to work further goes down and it might seem unimpressive but you will have to wait for some time until it refills. This is how it goes on to make your avatar a grand Hollywood star eventually!

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Virtual reality star:

Each and every one of us have a dream at one stage of the life or on other to feel like a movie star. The same might not be possible in real for everyone, however, Kim Kardashian Hollywood lets you a chance to go through the same charming experience through the game and presents you with a pleasant virtual star like feel.

  • Gradual progression in stardom:

According to most of the users, this is quite a significant aspect that the game does not get stuck or take a lot to flourish. There are a lot of simple tasks and each one of them pays you in the form of progression in your career as a model/movie star in Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

  • Engaging story buildup:

With the easiest gameplay and tendency to cause curiosity for future happening and growth, the game is very engaging and lets you keep busy for many hours throughout the day.

  • Enhanced graphics:

It has been a widespread complaint about smartphone games that graphics are not on the top most of the times. Nevertheless, it is not the case with Kim Kardashian Hollywood as it has quite presentable graphics to come up with.


  • Energy refilling:

Only after a few actions, the energy bar gets emptied and the player will have to wait for some time until it relinquishes.

  • Unsophisticated control:

All you have to do is to give directions in Kim Kardashian Hollywood and your avatar will act upon but there is no real happening of the actions. For example, if you want to take the control of your car driving, there’s no option to do it.


Overall, on the basis of strong story buildup and star-like feel, the game has high recommendations. It keeps game players of all ages engaged to see themselves becoming a virtual superstar. With little improvements with energy filling & more actions controlling, Kim Kardashian Hollywood could achieve what is missing only a bit!! For more addictive games you can check my other posts such as review. You will see why this game has a soul!

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