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Idle Cooking Tycoon – Tap Chef by Codigames is a game made for both, iOS and Android, which you can find by going to the Google Play Store where the game was 4.5 stars rated! You can download the game, install it, and play it for free. Yes – it is free and so it will always be .We assume that you will also be the next satisfied player who will also vote this game with a high score – 5 stars. Now, let’s start with a detailed game review below.

Game review – detailed

Answer us, are you that you are ready to become the richest pastry chef in this whole world? Start with your own original bakery business, discover new and fantastic recipes and in the end earn money. We are sure that you could build the biggest bakery empire on the planet Earth! In the game Idle Cooking Tycoon – Tap Chef you are the manager of your own business, you are able to hire some talented chefs. They will help you to make such a delicious cakes, sweets made of chocolate (for example, chocolate bars), cute cupcakes and more.

Create your own unique recipes to improve yourself and your whole bakery business. Try to make new types of sweet food such as muffins, delicious biscuits, pancakes, cookies, huge pies. As with any business, success requires excellent strategy and excellent products – no one wants a poor quality without taste. So, pay special attention to this while building your own bakery empire. It will be neccesary to invest in some researches and also, development.

You will have a lot of help from the specific scientific department. They are here everyday ready to show you some new technologies and make the cooking world go better and better. Fund this science department to help you, you will not regret it because it will pay off. By talking with your scientists you will be unlocking such an advanced technology like time travel, for example. Share the whole experience and progress with the ,,old you” from early times.

Doing things this way, you will start your bakery business all over again from the real beginning. But, there will be some differences – more money, hell yes! Be a responsible manager, make the right decisions leading to profit and success. Whether you are a beginner or some experienced player, you will enjoy this game, it is clear and easy to play, but if you want to master the gameplay you should know – it takes time and dedication, logically. We believe in you – you can become the best cooking tycoon of all time, go ahead, our gamer!

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In this way, give yourself a pictorial view of this game, with an amazing insight into a brilliant graphics and animation. Also, on you can learn how to get some free gems for your favorite game!

We hope that you have found our article about Idle Cooking Tycoon – Tap Chef game review pretty interesting, understandable and useful. After all, our job is to provide you with that. To sum up the main features: pretty casual gameplay, full of challenges, researches, amazing 3D graphics, cool animations, baking technologies, originality and a lot more. We will notify you of any news about the game that we catch up in the future. So, stay with us and keep yourself informed about the latest gaming and tech info. Have a wonderful day, Enjoy!


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