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           This is a type of game that will surely not allow you to separate yourself from it and make any pauses. It is so, so addictive! Once you download and install it, you will understand why we tell you that. In our opinion, it is very simple, but it takes time and commitment if you want to overcome it as a real master who passes every level with ease. You can download completely for free, search for it in Google Play Store where the icon is pretty recognizable and clear: a background with several shades of blue and a white man falling into a black hole. Gameplay, features & details about playing with your friends

If you have found it, let’s start with a review & description that contains more details about features, gameplay and everything that you should know about game. You are in a city that represents your arena / field and you see black holes everywhere around you. Who are you? Well, you represent the black hole and you just strive to suck everything in your sight inside of you and make the biggest hole ever seen! Play it smart & ntriguing and show your eating power and strength. Enter that huge arena to become a super giant hole!

Want to play it with your closest friends and check out who is the next master of the We can help you with that, just keep reading. Here are some easy steps to explain how to make a direct competition with friends in the same room with you: you should open the “Local Multiplayer” menu which is placed on the right side and create a room for you and your friends te be in together. After that, select the friends that you want to join in, and make them join the room. In the end, just enjoy your interesting and entertaining battles with full adventurous and competitive spirit!

People voted their opinion on this game, on a global average, earned a 4.3 stars rating! The result really can be considered great because it is currently at the top of the desirable and addictive Android & iOS games. Yes, one more thing about the same room you play in with your friends: a Bluetooth connection is required, be as close as you can be. Below, we’ve prepared a very interesting video for you, going further to see what is the video about.


Gameplay trailer & the biggest hole possible! Videos are here!

First, one basic thing, you should check out the gameplay video trailer to get as great review as possible. Click here to see the video

After this one, here is something very, very interesting. Want to see biggest black hole that is possible to make in the game? Here is how this magical idea can come to life, this video will leave you breathless. Watch the ,,giant of the giants” hole:

We hope that our article about the game review was useful and interesting to you. Maybe you are already a big player of this game, perhaps you are a beginner, and maybe we have convinced you to become the next player in this awesome field! Whatever it is of just mentioned, we think that the article is useful for all of you. We’ll let you know about all the news, new levels, updates and important informations related to Also, we will let you know if the game similar to this one come up soon. Stay with us and keep yourself informed about the latest gaming & tech news. See ya!


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