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Fall In Love With Racing Again!

Forza Horizon 4 is the next instalment in the open world multi-award-winning series. This time your journey brings you to England where the world is a mix of the bits from England, Scotland and Wales. As with all Forza games, there are loads of cars on offer, and of course, the Car Pass with 42 extra cars two of which you’ll be gifted every week. You now have seasons, that’s right seasons, and each one will change the world and how your car handles and how you drive. There is also a DLC for two new map areas, the first of which releases in December, but don’t be deterred by this the game world is enormous.

With over 450 cars to choose from and customise to your hearts desire you’re going to be spoilt for choice. The Horizon Showcase events have returned, and they’re mad as ever, with one being you racing towards Edinburgh in your car against a train, The Flying Scotsman to be exact. But enough about that let’s get into the pros and cons and my overall opinion about Forza Horizon 4.


There are loads of cars in this game from the ordinary Mini Cooper to the sleek curves of the new Mclaren Senna (oh my what a car). If you’re into cars, then you’re going to have a wild time driving around the peaceful English countryside. Let’s talk about the weather or rather the seasons, they change every week and so will your driving as your car loses control on the mud or snow and sends you into a tree. All four seasons are perfectly and beautifully simulated in this game on a level that I’ve never experienced before on any racing game. For an extra challenge turn all the assists off and turn simulation driving on for some added heart-stopping fun.

The realism is through the roof, on the Xbox One X there is an option to favour the graphics or performance, with around 70 other players on the same server it’s understandable that the game may suffer. You can play solo if you prefer to get away from the crowd. If you have a top of the line PC, it’ll run fine on top settings. As always you can customise your cars with decals and liveries that you create or others have shared. If you think of yourself as a photographer go and take the perfect snap at the seaside or from the top of a mountain in your Range Rover in the snow then share your photos with the community.

Another thing I liked apart from the abundance of races are the new side missions such as becoming a stunt driver, rally racer, drifter, and there were some where you drive some of the worlds fastest cars to a location within the time limit. It’s not only the cars that are breathtaking but the scenery too. No matter the season the world looks fantastic, a lake will freeze over allowing for a new route to a location. Thick snow will bring your car to a crawl unless it’s a 4×4 or rally car. Welcome to the game changer.

You’ll always have someone to race against in Horizon, be it via the Rivals or multiplayer matches or during some free-roaming. The players you see in your world aren’t Drivitars; they’re real people playing at the same time as you, and that is another reason why this game is so brilliant. I also need to mention Forzathon, every hour on the hour its Forzathon, a mad and brilliant bunch of events where a load of racers work together doing challenges in a specific zone to reach the target score.

Even the map is littered with things to do from dirt races, cross-country, road races, danger signs, speed traps, speed zones, drift zones, and so much more that I could talk about for hours. Now for the cons.



There honestly isn’t much that I can say about the cons. One thing I wasn’t keen on was the lack of music, ok there are a few radio stations and some music, but it wasn’t as much as I was looking forward to. You could always use Spotify in the background and turn the game music off and have subtitles on if you don’t mind missing the occasional character conversations, you’re not missing much there. The side missions such as the stunt driver and the rest only have 10 missions to them, and you’ll find yourself completing them in no time at all. They’re fun, and if you’re looking to get all three stars on each race, you should be busy for a while. And that’s it for the cons. Yes, the game is that impressive.


What would I change in Forza Horizon 4?

I’d have more music; there are a few stations with real DJ’s, so it all feels so real when they come on talking about the weather now the season has changed or the Showcase you just smashed. But there isn’t enough music for me. Of course, I’d make more side missions because they were fun, apart from that I’m seriously impressed with this game and blown away by the changing seasons, give it a try, you’re missing out.



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