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Here is what Fifa 19 looks like

FIFA 19 has been released by EA Sports in June 2018 and if you will be expecting enhanced graphics and players, you might not be wrong but there is much more excitement that comes along your way in this latest edition of the FIFA game. Just like other most credible games, FIFA 19 begins with a disclaimer which is more of a precedent nowadays. When it moves on, the introduction screen is stuck on an exceptional looking picture which offers a mesmerizing amalgam of colors and buttons as well. To talk about the graphics, they have improved significantly in comparison with the previous editions while most famous & notable players have upgraded outlook with their latest physique & style in the FIFA 19.

In addition, team managers are updated along with the amazing focus on weather effects is something charming and enables new experience with ball friction and visual effects.

To let you feel the real ambiance like a real Football game, new commentary team has been added with their exuberant voices. Just like a conventional game style, FIFA 19 has identical kick-off which is essential to play the game as the team along with the multiplayer online option and even offline menu to play with top teams around. Furthermore, FIFA 19’s some other most significant changes include headline alteration in the gameplay which includes Active Touch and an enhanced approach to 50/50 balls while impacting the gameplay in a noticeable fashion.



  • Champions League:

With the legendary commentary team of Derek Rae and Lee Dixon, FIFA 19 features a full-fledged licensed Champions League game mode for the rest of FIFA game freaks. This has been the wish & demand of many of the game fans for years which has come true in the latest version to let you relish with the aura of Champion League magical moments from the comfort of your very couch.

  • Premium graphics:

Graphics seemed to have been worked on quite elegantly in the latest edition of FIFA 19. Not only with respect to appearances of the players, but entire of the atmosphere including stadiums, crowd. Even ground staff also appears to be more presentable with ultra HD graphics technology.

  • Formidable tactics:

There are plenty of new playing tactics which are added in the game to let you play in accordance with your favorite player’s or manager’s strategy and also customizable as according to player’s mentality with the appealing completion of tactics.

  • Timed shooting:

For the purpose of adding a better challenge along with new sensation, the shooting & finishing time has been modified and require


  • Lethargic loading:

The loading time of FIFA 19, just like its predecessors remains on the slower side and causes some irritation at times.

  • Mediocre camera angles:

Disenchanting camera angles make it a bit difficult for the game player to control & manage the game for the newbies.


In a nutshell, FIFA 19 is a thoroughly premium level game for gaming fans. In comparison to its mesmerizing features and menus, the cons of the game are minimal which are negligible and make it a perfect value for the money. You can buy it at



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