Brave Conquest – 2019 Game Review

Do you like strategic games? If your answer is yes, then we have the right for you! Hop in now and join other players at an amazing Brave Conquest – the casual, which represents a fun-filled strategy game! Manage your own Kingdom. Come on, fill your coffers in a snap! Experiment and go hard to take on whatever your foes throw at you! No time to wait! Now’s the time to ascend the throne and take your very best place among the greatest lords! Read our full Brave Conquest game review down below. We hope that you are going to like it, all the most important information is included. Let’s start!

Brave Conquest – Game Features

Okay, we could say it like your Kingdom – your own choice! You are the only very great lord of your Kingdom, and as the lord, you get to call the shots! Unlock such unique buildings and place them all anywhere you wish! Lack of materials and resources? Well, in that case, farms and factories will be your very best options!  Have a wish  to speed up your army’s growth? Focus on unlocking the Barracks, Spellwork, and Wonders! You must not forget to feed your guardian Dragon if you don’t want to see her burning your castle down!

Amazing Gameplay of Brave Conquest

Check out this iOS/Android youtube gameplay of Brave Conquest.

Youtube videos can be very useful when you decide to play some game, tips for beginners videos also exist. Brave Conquest is a 100% free game to play! You can find it in a Google Play Store or App Store, Android/iOS, does not matter at all which device you have, it works on both systems.

Oh my god, an epic realm and here are tons of treasures! Traverse across lush green plains and snow dunes, after that, scale the highest peaks & at the same time deepest valleys in search of lost Wonders and rare treasures! Free up some inventory space before you go in order of exploring with your goblin crew. You never know what legendary treasures you will find at the far reaches of this amazing realm! Be smart, think quickly, fight fiercely! You can do it!

Game Modes

What a sight: one true legend able to make ten thousand troops united and working together as the one! A lord is never without able subjects! Stand tall alongside the Heroes of justice and evil. No “too hard battles” excuses, you must be able to fight through the hardest! Make your troops full of strength! If you train them all well, you could be rewarded with upgraded troop types for unfair advantage in battle! They also have the ability to level up automatically! But, this war isn’t so simple, though. Even the most well-drilled soldiers can’t win a battle alone! It’s up to you! Just lead, train and deploy them wisely!

This was our Brave Conquest game review. We are people who collect only the most important information & helpful that you are really interested in. And yes, we hope that you liked this one. Gaming & Tech are our worlds. For more game reviews in the future – stay tuned. Until our next article, you can read also some of our previous game reviews – bye!


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